About Circos


Circos is a circular concept store with an online service that people love for high-quality brand products that people need. We exist to offer commercially viable, convenient and environmentally responsible alternatives to conventional ways of consumption by tapping into markets that are by design subject to short product utilization yet high costs through frequent expense.


Carefree parenthood

Our mission is to make life easy for new parents by saving them time, (head)space, money and fabric, so they can focus on what is truly important: their family. At the same time, we assist the brands we work with in their pursuit to become more sustainable by sharing our findings and any feedback from our members with them.


The future of shopping

Our vision for the future of shopping is one of ease, quality, and sustainability. For us, shopping no longer revolves around purchasing all that much. We envision a new standard where most items we use are enjoyed for as long as they are needed, after which they are professionally inspected and maintained to meet high quality standards, before these items are either passed on to someone else or fully recycled into something new.


It’s a future where we learn to truly appreciate things for the value they bring us, and the stories they carry with them, without sacrificing any quality or convenience that we now have as consumers.

Our Ecosystem

Circos is privileged to be part of an important ecosystem of partners and communities in support of our journey. We are right at the heart of the circular fashion movement and is a go-to for purpose-driven brands, because we’re in it for the lifetime of their product.


As we provide feedback to our brand partners so they can get better, too. Like us, they’re in this for the life of the product, not just the one-off sale. Win-win-win.


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